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We all have an Inner Critic, and an Inner Comforter.  Which one would you ask what to do?  Which one would you ask, what is going on?  Which one would you ask, what is my problem, their problem?  The different answers may be very different, or similar, or the same, but there will be a difference in the altitude of the attitude!  One answer will have humor, energy and peace.  The other answer will have sour grapes and corrosive anger.  You will know the difference.  You could forgive your Inner Critic, to discover your humor, energy and peace, or not.  �2012 Mike Foster  See [life_lessons.html] for what I can do together with You.  If interested, read and sign my Intro & Legal Form. Then send me a signned copy and we begin workin together.

What is our real problem?



Judgmentalism and or blame.

What does that do to Us?

It makes Us Angry, Upset, Anxious, Not at Peace.

Who has a solution?

Jesus = Gee-He's-Us.

What is His solution?

Join His 490 Club, and forgive everything, 7 times 70 times = 490 times = Everything, Everyone.


Say: I am forgiving myself, for miss judging myself, as one who ______________ .  

Or:  I am forgiving myself, for miss judging myself, as a or an ______________.

Let Jesus' Spirit, fill in your blanks, for You.


When ever you are upset and not at Peace.  Later, you will learn more.

Why find Peace?  See: F.A.C.T.S. or choose STUCK

Want to spread this spiritual skill?


Right Click and Select "Print". Cut out cards and give them away.

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